Monday, 20 February 2012

Set Review #1: Death Star

Hello everyone.  This is my first lego set review.  I am reviewing my dream set...The Death Star.  I had been wanting this set all my life and I finally got it a year ago for Christmas.  I hope you all find this review helpful.  Lets start with the minifigures.  There are 25 mini figures...25!  I would give the minifigures a 5/5.  Now for the price,  $500 is a lot so I would have to give the price a 3/5.  The building experience was amazing.  This set was fun to build with lots of cool features (although it only took me 3 days).  I give the building experience a 5/5.  Overall I give this set a 4/5 because the Tie Fighter, superlaser, etc falls off easily.  This set makes a nice addition to anyone's collection.

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