Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Famous Paintings Recreated In Lego

Lego Jokes

Lego Superheroes

Well everyone, Lego has released DC, but Marvel isn't coming until May.  Here are some pictures to keep you satisfied until then.

More Confidential LoTR Lego Pics

I found more:

                                                       This one looks like a battle scene of some kind

                                                             Frodo gets attacked by the spider (forget the spiders name)

                                                      Aha!  Nasgul attack

                                                 Does lego Aragorn look anything like the real one?

                                                          How bout LEGOlas

Lego Lord of the Rings

After the new Hobbit movie comes out they will be coming out with LOTR lego.  Here are some pics.


Hello everyone.  Have you ever heard of MocPages.  It is a site where you can post your lego creations.  Neat huh?  If you go to Mocpages and type in Commander Starblaster you will see my account.  Click on it and see my Lego creations. click here to go to MocPages